About RAL

Resources and Logistics (RaL) is a French consultancy firm with a turnover evolving between 1 and 2.5 million euros. Since its creation in 1992, RaL has been providing a full range of technical assistance services worldwide in both developing and transitional economies particularly within the scope of various European Commission funding programmes (CARDS, PHARE, TACIS, MEDA, EDF, ENPI etc.).

Main areas of expertise are:

  • Energy
  • Social-Economic Development
  • EU Enlargement – Support to candidate countries- European Structural Funds
  • Aid Coordination and Twinning
  • Framework Contracts

You may find more details in the section Our Focus

Our major Client is the European Commission and in particular the EuropeAid Co-operation Office/Devco and DG Enlargement (now DG NEAR). Other clients include European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB) (opportunity to launch new calls on renewable energies for Sub-Saharan Africa within H2020), ACP Secretariat.

More recently, RaL has won assignments for DG Research and Innovation and DG Regional and Urban Policy (on Structural Funds).

The geographical pattern of RAL’s activities has evolved in the last 20 years. Although RAL’s activities were initially focused in Asia and Eastern Europe (90% of the activities), they are now more diversified and have evolved towards a special emphasis on Africa and European neighboring countries (Ukraine, Caucasus, Moldova, Turkey, Morocco). Actvities in the field of energy are carried out worldwide.

During the past 20 years, RaL has built a widely recognized reputation for its knowledge, flexibility, and ability to successfully implement projects within its core sectors covering the full project cycle management (formulation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and assessment).

RAL’s main strengths:

  • An extensive roster of more than 1500 experienced international and local experts who can be shortly mobilized for short- or long-term assignments: RaL stresses the importance of considering freelance consultants as partners. The relationship with them is based on a long relation of mutual knowledge, trust and confidence.
  • An extensive, worldwide network of partners, institutions and organizations.
  • A close relation with French public and private institutions such as the MEDED, HEC Alumni
  • Strong commitment and direct involvement of the hierarchy in projects’ management and monitoring processes